The Shortest day of the year – time to discover

21 December – festival for the Sun

Soon on the 21st of December we celebrate the winter Solstice; it is a very important and unique moment of the year, in this day in the northern hemisphere we have the shortest day and the longest night of the year. There is very little light and much dark.

The sun is rising on the east, yes of course. Eventually the sun is rising on the true east only 2 times a year on the spring and autumn equinoxes. In the rest of the year the, from spring equinox till the autumn equinox the sun is rising more north to the true east, and from the autumn equinox till the spring equinox more south then the true east. In the shortest day of the year the sun is rising at the most southern point on the eastern horizon, or we can say that the sun is arriving to its most southern point in the eastern horizon.

At the shortest day of the year there are very little light and much dark, this means that there is great potentiality in this day to discover. In English discover is a very beautiful word, it means dis – cover, to take the cover off.

There is no real darkness; we can see it because the only way to be in darkness is to avoid any source of light, that means that darkness is the result of lack of light, or in other words when light is covered there is darkness. So in in the shortest day and the longest night is time to take the covers off and discover.

Discovering is very powerful and include great awakening,  in discovering we look for the unseen with the intention to unveil it, while doing it we discover something NEW, in discovering there is always NEW something that is born.

Discovering is breaking through, is exploring the secrets of our life, it is a true revelation.

Discovering is a process of finding the light which is hidden in the darkness.

For many cultures the shortest day of the year is the most important day of the year, they connect to this day a great celebration which brings with it the element of fire, it is a beautiful metaphor:  the fire is expulsing the darkness.

In Christian culture they celebrate Christmas on the 24 of December, which is the most important feast of the year, there are so many lights in Christmas and is always symbolize a new born, a new beginning.

In Peru on the shortest day of the year (in the southern hemisphere is 24 of June) they celebrate the Intiraymi – the Sun Festival, in the Hebrew culture we celebrate in these days Hanukkah festival in which we celebrate the miracle of light the expulse the darkness and we light a candelabra. The symbol of light, fire, sun is dominant in all this festivals.

Many of you are celebrating the Christmas which is related to the birth of  Yeshua (Jesus), probably nobody knows the real date of birth of Yeshua, this date was chosen to connect it to the new birth of the Sun, the sun is born again, and the days start to become longer and longer.

I bless all of you with Mary Christmas but I call you to celebrate the shortest day of the year too, the great sun festival, and I offer you use this day to discover.

Discovering is always a born of new something.

Mary Christmas

May all sentient beings be happy

Shmuel Shaul

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